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3D Scanning Range Finder.

The distance is measured by steering the laser beam vertically and horizontally.
In 1 frame, a point cloud with 2590 points is generated.
It is possible to increase the point cloud density using the interlacing mode.
This scanner is equipped with an acceleration sensor and a PPS input signal.

Very compact (70mm x 106mm x 95mm)


-> This scanner uses pulsed laser beam with TOF principle to measure distance.
-> A laser beam is emitted in a wide 3D field providing access to height, width and depth information of objects. This information is not available with traditional 2D scanners.

Wide field of view


The leaser beam is steered 210° horizontally and 40° vertically. The detectable range is 35m to the front and roughly 14m to the sides. NB: Please refer to the specification document to know more about the detectable range in every direction.

Interlacing mode


The laser emission position is shifted gradually in every cycle to generate a denser point cloud. It is possible to increase the density to 20 times horizontally and 10 times vertically independently. NB: At maximum density, it called HD (Hight Density) mode.

Accelerometer (Gyroscope) is included


Angular velocity and acceleration are detected. Because the accelerometer is included, you don’t need to apply time synchronization. The used accelerometer is MPU-6500 from InvenSense. Please refer to the maker manual for details. NB: This scanner use mechanical steering mechanism which would add noise to the received data.

Multi-echo support


In the same direction, reflections from rain, dust and fog may generate multiple returns. Distance measurement of each return is reported. For outdoor usage, multiple echo function allows separating rain, fog and mist from target objects and housing cover. Up to 4 echos are supported (First , second, third and last echo) NB: Internally, this scanner processes unto 8 returns and reports only 4.

PPS input signal

When used with GPS, PPS signal reset the scanner’s timestamp to eliminate clock drifting error.

Environmental resistance

It is suitable for use in various environments with its IP67 protective structure, 100,000lx ambient illuminance and 10G impart resistance.

Thông tin bổ sung

Kích thước 70 × 106 × 95 cm


Many examples for outdoor

Area Protection

CRS0121A 20181225 08

Environment recognition

CRS0121A 20181225 09

Environment recognition for service robots

CRS0121A 20181225 10

Model No.


Model Code

Power cable

Model Code Length
URM-C005 UZ00112 5m

* 1 cable is needed per scanner.

Ethernet cable

Model Code Length
URM-ENET003 UZ00113 3m
URM-ENET005 UZ00114 5m

* 1 cable is needed per scanner.

Power cable

CRS0121A 20181225 16

Ethernet cable

CRS0121A 20181225 17


Product name Scanning Laser Range Finder
Model URM-40LC-EWT
Light source Laser semi conductor (905nm)
Laser Safety Class 1 (IEC60825 1:2007 and IEC60825 1:2014)
Supply voltage DC10V to 30V
Supply current Continuous current : 700mA or less (when using DC 12V)
Peak current: 1.2 A or less (when using DC 12V)
Power consumption 8.4W or less (During steady current)
Detection range and object 0.1m to 40m*1 (White Kent sheet Reflectance 90% 500 mm×500mm )
0.1m to 18m*1 (Black paper Reflectance 10% 500mm×500mm )
Maximum detection distance: 60m
Minimum detectable size
Normal mode: 65mm (5m) , 130mm (10m), 260mm (20m)
High Resolution mode: 33mm (5m) , 65mm (10m), 130mm (20m)
Average Accuracy by distance White Kent sheet Reflectance 90%;
0.1m to 30m: ±20mm*1
30m to 40m: ±30mm* 1
Measurement resolution 1mm
Repeat accuracy White Kent sheet Reflectance 90%
0.1m to 20m: σ < 10mm *1, 20m to 40m : σ < 15mm*1
Scanning angle 270°
Angular resolution/
Scan speed
0.25゜/25ms (Normal mode)
0.125゜/50ms (High Resolution mode)
Interface Ethernet 100BASE-TX (Auto-negotiation)
Outputs 5 OUTPUT; Area Detection 1 / Synchronization output, Area Detection 2,
Area Detection 3 / Synchronization master, Ready, Malfunction
Inputs 3 INPUT Area 1, Area 2, Area 3 / Synchronization input
(Maximum area pattern : 7 patterns)
Response time Within 50ms (However, it differs depending upon the settings)
Start up time Within 15 sec (start up time differs if malfunction is detected during start up)
LED display Blue LED : Power supply and normal operation
Orange LED: Area determination
(About LED display refer to section 6.3 in specification sheet)
Ambient temperature
and humidity
-30°C to +50°C , below 85%RH (Without dew, frost)
Ambient illuminance 100,000lx*2
Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz double amplitude of 1.5mm for 2hrs in each X, Y, and Z direction
55 to 150Hz 98m/s2 (10G) sweep of 2min for 1hr in each X,Y and Z direction
Shock resistance 196m/s2(20G) X,Y and Z directions each 10 times

Notes: *1 Indoor environment (fluorescent lamp, 1,000 lux or less)
*2 Detection cannot be guaranteed when direct light (such as sunlight) enters the device.

External dimension

I/O circuit

Input/output circuit
Input: Photocoupler input
(Common Anode, 2mA during each input ON, 0.5 mA or below during OFF)
Output: PNP Open collector output
Maximum output current: 50mA
Maximum voltage: 30V

Example of connecting the input/output circuit


Example of wiring between sensor s for motor rotation synchronization


Power supply Input / Output connector

pcon 1559631252

M12 Waterproof connector (12 core)

PIN NO. Function Color
1 +VIN (DC10V to DC30V) Brown
2 -VIN(0V) Blue
3 +COM White
4 Area Input 1 Green
5 Area Input 2 Pink
6 Area input 3/ Synchronous master output Yellow
PIN No. Function Color
7 -COM Black
8 Detection output 1/ Synchronous ouput Gray
9 Detection output 2 Red
10 Detection output 3/ Synchronous master output Purple
11 Ready output Gray/Pink
12 Malfunction output Red/Blue

Ethernet connector

econ 1559631252

M8 Waterproof connector(4 core)
Type :1456093

PIN No. Function
1 TX+
2 RD+
3 RD-
4 TX-

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