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SOKUIKI sensor for intelligent robots

Stable detection even targeting black objects.
Multi-echo functionality and IP67 protection,
and make it possible to operate under harsh environment such as rain, snow and fog.



-> ON/OFF delay
-> Minimum detectable distance configuration
-> Minimum detectable width configuration
-> Possible to register 16 areas by digital inputs
-> Malfunction output and 3 detecting output are provided

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng800 g
Kích thước0.124 × 0.126 × 0.150 cm



Model No.UXM-30LN-PW
Power source10 to 30VDC
Light sourceSemiconductor laser (λ = 905nm), Laser safety class 1 (FDA)
Supply currentRegular current: 600mA or less (at 10VDC and 12VDC)
250mA or less (at 24VDC)
Start-up current: 2A or less (at 10VDC), 1.5A or less (at 12VDC),
0.75A or less (at 24VDC)
Power consumption6W or less (at Regular)
Detection range and objectGuaranteed range : 0.1 to 30m*2
(500mm × 500mm of Black objects with 10% reflectance)
Max. detection range : 100m (limit value)
Min. objects :65mm (at 5m),130mm (at 10m),400mm (at 30m)
Distance accuracy3,000lx or less : ±50mm*1 :
(black objects with 10% reflectance up to 10m and white paper up to 30m)
100,000lx or less*2 : ±100mm*1 :
(black objects with 10% reflectance up to 10m and white paper up to 30m)
Measuring resolution/repeatability1mm
3,000lx or less : σ <50mm
(black objects with 10% reflectance up to 10m and white paper up to 30m)
100,000lx or less : σ<100mm
(black objects with 10% reflectance up to 10m and white paper up to 30m)
Scanning angle190°
Angular resolutionApprox.0.25°(360°/1,440 steps)
Detection area settingIt is available settings in 0.1 to 30m range by points or input the coordinate value
Scanning speed50msec (Motor rotating number 1200rpm)
InterfaceUSB Ver. 2.0 FS <full speed> mode (12Mbps) for Area setting
Output4 output signal : Error output, Output 1, 2 and 3
Input4 input signal : Area changeover input 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Max. 16 patterns)
Response time100ms or less (However it varies depending on the setting condition)
Start up timein 30 seconds from power on (However it might beyond 30 seconds depending on the condition)
Indication lampPower (Green),
Operation/Error (Orange) : Operating (ON), Error (blink)
ConnectionPower and input/output : wire cable
USB: connector (Binder brand : model number 09-0431-87-04)
Ambient temperature/ humidity-10 to +50 degrees C, 85%RH or less (Not condensing and icing)
Environmental effectMeasured distance will be shorter than the actual distance under rain, snow and sunlight*2.
Vibration resistance10 to 55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm Each 2 hour in X, Y and Z directions
55 to 200Hz, 19.6 m/s2 sweep of 2min Each 1 hour in X, Y and Z directions
Impact resistance196m/s2 Each 10 time in X, Y and Z directions
Protective structureIP67
Insulation resistance10MΩ
MaterialFront case : Polycarbonate, rear case : Aluminum
Dimensions(W×D×H)124mm×126mm×150mm (excluding connector)

*1 Accuracy can not be guaranteed under direct sunlight.
*2 Make sure of the sensor functions under operating environment.

External dimension


USB cable for UXM series

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