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SOKUIKI sensor for intelligent robots

Upgraded with finer resolution.
Multi-echo functionality and IP67 protection
for harsh environments such as rain, snow and fog.
More flexible field setting is also available.



-> Synchronization functionality for preventing interference
-> More flexible field setting available
-> Built-in heater for cold environments
-> Better accuracy, finer resolution, longer scanning distance

Laser scanning image




Collision prevention

Area monitoring for collision prevention of RTGs, RMGs and AGVs


Container positioning

Possible to pick up containers precisely based on distance and angle measurements obtained from the sensor.


Terrain measurement

Terrain measurement and analysis using distance data obtained for maintenance of roads, bridges and cultural properties.


Vehicle detection

Vehicle detection on roads or within a factory as a safety measure. Also, possible to detect traffic congestion or speed of vehicles.



Product nameLaser range finder
Light sourceSemiconductor laser, λ=905nm, safety class of the laser = 1
Power supply voltage10 to 30VDC
Power supply currentSteady-state current: 600mA or less at 12VDC, 300mA or less at 24VDC
Starting current: 1.5A or less at 12VDC, 0.75A or less at 24VDC
Heater in use(0°C or below): 1.25A or less at 12VDC, 1.25A or less at 24VDC
Electric power consumption7.2W or less(at steady-state)
Heater in use(0°C or below: 15W or less at 12VDC, 30W or less at 24VDC)
Detecting distance and object to be detectedGuaranteed value of detection:
0.1 to 30m*1(Reflectance of 10%, black paper, 500mm×500mm)
0.1 to 80m*1(Reflectance of 90%, white Kent paper, 1,000mm×1,500mm)
Maximum detecting distance: 80m(maximum value of area setting)
Minimum object to be detected: 33mm(5m), 65mm(10m), 200mm(30m)
Average accuracy by distance10% reflectance, black paper, 0.1 to 15m:±30mm, 15 to 30m:±50mm*1
0.1 to 30m:±50mm*2 Ambient illuminance: 3,000 lux or less
0.1 to 20m:±50mm*2 Ambient illuminance: 100,000 lux or less
90% reflectance, white Kent paper, 0.1 to 30m:±30mm*1
0.1 to 30m:±50mm*2 Ambient illuminance: 3,000 lux or less
0.1 to 20m:±50mm*2 Ambient illuminance: 100,000 lux or less
Measurement resolutionUnit of 1mm
Repeat accuracy10% reflectance, black paper, 0.1 to 15m: σ<10mm, 15 to 30m: σ<15mm*1
0.1 to 30m: σ<20mm*2 Ambient illuminance: 3,000lux or less
0.1 to 20m: σ<30mm*2 Ambient illuminance: 100,000lux or less
90% reflectance, white Kent paper, 0.1 to 30m: σ<10mm*1
0.1 to 30m: σ<15mm*2 Ambient illuminance: 3,000lux or less
0.1 to 30m: σ<30mm*2 Ambient illuminance: 100,000lux or less
Scanning angle190°
Angular resolutionApprox. 0.125°(360°/2880 divisions)
Scanning time50ms(rotating speed of motor: 1200rpm)
InterfaceEthernet 100BASE-TX(Auto-negotiation)
OutputOUTPUT 6 points: Synchronization master output, synchronization output, output of failure, area detection output 1 to 3
InputINPUT 5 points: Synchronization input, area input 1 to 4(total 15 patterns)
Output response time100ms or less;however, it varies depending on the setting
Starting timeOperation starts within 30sec after turning on of power supply.
Indication lampIndication lamp for power supply and operation(green), indication lamp for communication measurement(orange)
Regarding the operation of indication lamps, refer to sub-clause 7.2.
Ambient operating temperature, humidity-10 to +50°C 85%RH(However, dew condensation and freezing should not exist.)
Resistance to weatherDetecting distance becomes shorter due to rain, snow, and sunlight.*3
Vibration resistance10 to 55Hz, plural amplitude: 1.5mm in X, Y, Z directions, each 2 hours
55 to 200Hz 19.6m/s2 Sweep: 2 minutes in X, Y, Z directions, each 1 hour
Resistance to shock196m/s2 in X, Y, Z directions, each 10 times
Protective structureIP67
Insulation resistance10MΩ
MaterialFront face of the case, optical windows: Polycarbonate, Back face of the case: Aluminum
Outside dimension
124mm × 126mm × 150mm(connector not included)

*1. Indoor environment(fluorescent lamp, 1,000lux or less)
*2. Detection cannot be guaranteed when direct light(such as sunlight) enters the device.
*3. Regarding the influence of environment, please confirm with the actual equipment.

External dimension

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