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  • Compact size W50×D50×H70mm
  • Detection range 5m
  • Wide detection angle 270°
  • Fast response 40Hz
  • High angular resolution 0.25°

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> The smallest and the lightest of its kind, W50×D50×H70mm
> It is possible to detect size, position and the moving direction of objects.
> Detection range 5m
> Wide detection angle 270°
> Fast response 25msec
> High angular resolution 0.25°

Scanning Image

Laser range finder

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng130 g
Kích thước0.5 × 0.5 × 0.7 cm


Interactive Media Systems

Projecting image linked with hands’ motion

Autonomous Robots

Environment recognition for autonomous service robots



Product nameLaser range finder
Supply voltage12VDC/24VDC (operation range 10 to 30V ripple within 10%)
Supply current150mA or less (during start up 450mA is necessary)
Light sourceSemiconductor laser, λ=905nm, safety class of the laser = 1
Detection range0.06m to 5m (white Kent sheet)
0.06m to 2m (diffuse reflectance 10% )
Maximum detection distance : 15m (maximum performance value)
Accuracy+/-40mm *1
Repeated accuracyσ<30mm*1
Scan angle270°
Scan speed25ms (Motor speed 2400rpm)
Angular resolution0.25°
Start up timeWithin 10 sec (start up time differs if malfunction is detected during start up)
InputIP reset input, photo-coupler input (current 4mA at ON)
OutputSynchronous Output, photo coupler open collector output 30VDC 50mA MAX
InterfaceEthernet 100BASE-TX
LED displayPower supply LED display(Blue) : Blinks during start up and malfunction state
surrounding intensityLess than 15,000lx
Note : Avoid direct sunlight or other illumination sources as it may cause sensor malfunction
Ambient temperature and humidity-10°C to +50°C, below 85%RH (without dew, frost)
Storage temperature and humidity-30°C to+70°C, below 85%RH (without dew,frost)
Vibration resistance10 to 55Hz double amplitude of 1.5mm for 2hrs in each X, Y, and Z direction
55 to 200Hz 98m / s2 sweep of 2min for 1hr in each X,Y and Z direction
Vibration resistance(Operating)55 to 150Hz 19.6m/s2 sweep of 2min for 30min in each X,Y and Z direction
Shock resistance196m/s2 (20G) X,Y and Z direction 10 times
EMC standards(EMI)
EN55011:2009 + A1:2010
EN61000-4-3:2006 + A1:2008 + A2:2010
Protective structureIP65
Weight130g(Excluding cable)
MaterialFront case: Polycarbonate, Rear case: Aluminum
Dimensions (W×D×H)50×50×70mm(sensor only)

*1. Under the factory standard testing conditions using white Kent sheet.

External dimension


I/O circuit


Connection (Power source, I/O cable)


Connection (Ethernet cable)


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