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  • Compact laser obstacle detection sensor with wide detection range (5m x 4m)
  • Wide detecting area(5m×4m)
  • Accuracy is greatly improved compared with PBS series.
  • With DC24V, this sensor can be broadly used for control system or equipment.

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-> Operation principle: A semicircular field is scanned by laser(λ=785nm). Objects present in setting area has its distance and angle measured and reported for obstacle detection.
-> Scanning angle (detection area) is 180°. Detection area is configurable from 0.1 to 5m along the length and 4m along the width. Each area has 3 detection outputs.
-> Preconfigured detection areas are switchable (up to 31 pattern) using inputs.
-> Power source is 24VDC and current consumption is 150mA or less.

System structure


* Scanning angle 180° and step angle 0.36° with 500 step




Model No.UBG-05LN
Power source24VDC(available operating range 18 to 30VDC, ripple within 10%)
Current consumption300mA on start-up, 150mA or less nominal (When 24V DC)
Light sourceSemiconductor laser diode(λ=785nm), Laser safety class 1(FDA)
Detectable objectWhite paper with 125□ ( Reflection surface facing the sensor)
Detection rangeArea with 0.1 to 5m(length) and 4m(width)(origin point is the scanning center)
Accuracy*1Measurement < 1m : ±20mm, measurement > 1m : 2%
Repeatability*1Measurement < 1m : ±10mm, measurement > 1m : 2%
Detection area settingOutput 1 : Configurable from 0 to 5m along the optical axis using 7 points.
Output 2, 3 : (1) Linear setting to progressive direction (2) Fan-shaped setting to optical axis
direction (3) Percentage(%) setting against output 1 pointer
Hysteresis6.25% of detecting distance
OutputPhoto-coupler/open-collector output(30VDC 50mA or less)
Output 1 : OFF when detected in area
Output 2 : OFF when detected in area
Output 3 : OFF when detected in area
Output 4(Trouble output) : ON during normal operationNote1)
Output response time210msec or less(scanning speed 100msec/rev.)Note2)
InputPhoto-coupler input(Common anode, Each input ON current 4mA)
Detection area switching
Select area No. using [Input 1], [Input 2], [Input 3], [Input 4] and [Input 5]
Stop laser emission by setting [Input 1], [Input 2], [Input 3], [Input 4] and [Input 5] to ON (OFF : H level input, ON : L level input)
Input response timeInput checking cycle : 1 scanning cycle (100msec)
(1msec when laser emission is stopped by inputs)
Starting timewithin 10sec from power on (It may exceed this time depending on the starting conditions)
IndicatorsPower LED(Green) : Flickers when troubled or when starting
Output 1 LED(Orange) : Lights up when object is detected in area
Output 2 LED(Orange) : Lights up when object is detected in area
Output 3 LED(Orange) : Lights up when object is detected in area
Connection1m Flying lead cable/td>
Ambient illuminanceNote 3)Halogen/mercury lamp : 10,000lx or less, Fluorescent lamp : 6,000lx(Max.)
Ambient temperature/ humidity-10 to +50 degrees C, 85%RH or less (No condensing, no icing)
Vibration resistance10 to 55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm, 2 hour in each X, Y and Z directions
Impact resistance196m/s2, 10 time in each X, Y and Z directions
Protective structureIP64(IEC standard)
Weight185g (260g with cable)
Life5 years (motor life)
MaterialFront case : polycarbonate, rear case : ABS

*2 Accuracy test is made by standard reflector when shipped.

Note 1) Output 1 to 3 would reflect a detection state when trouble output is ON.
Note 2) It can be delayed with 1 more cycle if area switching occurs.
Note 3)Exposure to strong light such as sun light may cause malfunctioning.
Note) Hokuyo products are not developed and manufactured for use in weapons, equipment, or related technologies intended for destroying human lives or creating mass destruction. If such possibilities or usages are revealed, the sales of Hokuyo products to those customers might be halted by the laws of Japan such as Foreign Exchange Law, Foreign Trade Law or Export Trade Control Order. In addition, we will export Hokuyo products for the purpose of maintaining the global peace and security in accordance with the above laws of Japan .

External dimension

ubg ed

I/O circuit

I/O Circuit

Input/output circuit

ubg inout


BlackOutput 1
WhiteOutput 2
White(Blue)Output 3
OrangeOutput 4(Trouble output)
GrayOutput common minus
RedInput common plus
GreenInput 1
YellowInput 2
PurpleInput 3
White(Yellow)Input 4
White(Purple)Input 5
Yellow(Red)Serial input(RXD)
Yellow(Green)Serial output(TXD)
Yellow(Black)Serial GND

Note 1) Colors in parenthesis indicate ink color of both sides line printing.
Note 2) Connect unused input wires to input common plus(Red) or open it. Connect unused output wires to output common minus(Gray) or open it.
Note 3) Input/output direction is mentioned on the basis of UBG-05LN.

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