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Maximum detection range is 120 meters and 190 degrees.

The metal housing protects internal system up to 50G(single).

Its protective structure is IP67.


This model is the best choice for Port, Construction and all other outdoor applications.

Max. detection distance is 120 meters.
The metal housing protects the internal system.

* Protective structure: IP67

Shock resistance: 50G(Single)


Shock resistance: 50G(Single)
Vibration resistance: 5G
The Best choice for tough application.

Black object detection at 50meter


White object can be detected at 120 meters.
Even Black object can be detected at 50 meters.

Fast and High resolution

20msec (Normal mode 3000rpm) / approx. 0.32°(360°/1125)
40msec (Low speed mode 1500rpm) / approx.0.16° (360°/2250)
80msec (High resolution mode 750rpm)/ approx.0.08° (360°/4500)

Optical window contamination warning function

* The sensor has Contamination detection function,
and it will inform you before the malfunction stop.

Multi-Echo Function


Multi Echo Functionality is ideal for applications in harsh environments such as rain, snow and fog

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 4200 g
Kích thước 155 × 166 × 176 cm


Many examples for outdoor

Car Detection

UGM yo12 1594624560

Obstacle Detection

UGM yo03 1594624560


UGM yo02 1594624560


UGM yo01 1594624560


UGM yo04 1594624560


UGM yo06 1594630542

Metal Detection

UGM yo09 1594624560

Metal Detection

UGM yo08 1594624560

Model No.


Model Code
UGM-50LAP (PNP output type) UUGM002
UGM-50LAN (NPN output type) UUGM004

Power cable

Model Code Length
UGM-4PC005 UZ00121 5m

* 1 cable is needed per scanner.

Ethernet cable

Model Code Length
UGM-ENET005 UZ00122 5m

* 1 cable is needed per scanner.

I/O #1 (8pins) cable

Model Code Length
UGM-8PC005 UZ00123 5m

I/O #2 (12pins) cable

Model Code Length
UGM-12PC005 UZ00124 5m


Model Code Length
UGM-BK01 UZ00125 Rear mounting bracket
UGM-BK02 UZ00126 Base mounting bracket
UGM-BK03 UZ00135 Cover bracket for optical window

UGM-BK01 (Rear mounting bracket)

UGM op01 1594624654

UGM-BK02 (Base mounting bracket)

UGM op02 1594624654

UGM-BK03 (Cover bracket)

UGM op03 1594624654


Product name Scanning Laser Range Finder
Model UGM-50LAP(PNP type) / UGM-50LAN(NPN type)
Light source Laser semiconductor (905nm)
FDA Laser Safety Class 1 (IEC60825-1:2014)
Supply voltage DC 24V±10%
Supply current Steady state current : 1A or less
Starting current : 1.5A or less, without Heater*1
Power consumption 24W or less (Steady state and current)
Heater voltage DC24V
Heater current Steady state and Starting current : 2A or less, Only Heater*2
power consumption
48W or less
Detection range and object Guarantee detection range:
0.1m to 50m*3 (10% Reflectance Black paper 500mm×500mm )
0.1m to 120m*4 (90% Reflectance white Kent paper1400mm×1400mm )
Maximum detection distance: 120m (Distance output range: 160m)
Minimum detectable size
Normal mode: 65mm (5m) , 130mm (10m), 260mm (30m)
High Resolution mode: 33mm (5m) , 65mm (10m), 130mm (30m)
Average Accuracy by distance 10% Reflectance Black paper
0.1m to 30m : ±30mm (Indoor 1,000lx or less)
30m to 50m : ±40mm (Indoor 1,000lx or less)
0.1m to 50m : ±50mm*5 (Outdoor 100,000lx or less)
90% Reflectance white Kent paper
0.1m to 50m : ±30mm
0.1m to 50m : ±50mm*5 (Outdoor 100,000lx or less)
Repeat accuracy 10% Reflectance Black paper
0.1m to 30m :σ < 9mm (Indoor 1,000lx or less)
30m to 50m :σ < 15mm (Indoor 1,000lx or less)
0.1m to 50m :σ < 15mm*5 (Outdoor 100,000lx or less)
90% Reflectance white Kent paper
0.1m to 50m :σ < 9mm (Indoor 1,000lx or less)
0.1m to 50m :σ < 15mm*5 (Outdoor 100,000lx or less)
Scanning angle 190°
Scan speed/
Angular resolution
20ms*6 (Normal mode 3000rpm) / approx. 0.32°(360°/1125)
40ms*6 (Low speed mode 1500rpm) / approx.0.16° (360°/2250)
80ms*6 (High resolution mode 750rpm) / approx.0.08° (360°/4500)
Start up time Within 30 sec after power supply
Outputs 7 PNP/NPN OUTPUT : Synchronization master output, Synchronization output,
Malfunction output, Contamination output, Area detection 1 to 3
(Open collector output DC30V 50mA MAX.)
Output response time 40msec or less (Normal mode)
80msec or less (Low speed mode)
160msec or less (High resolution mode)
In either case, change depending upon the delay setting
Inputs 7 INPUT : Synchronous input, IP Reset input, Reboot input, Area input 1 to 4
(All 15 patterns)
(Photo coupler input, Cathode/Anode common, Input ON current 2mA)
Interface Ethernet 100BASE-TX (Auto-negotiation)
LED display 4 LEDs (Yellow Green, Orange, Blue, Red)
Ambient temperature
and humidity
-10 to +50°C below 85%RH
-30 to +50°C below 85%RH (While using the heater)
(Without dew, frost)
Environment effect A measured distance will be shorter than an actual distance under the influence of rain, snow and direct sunlight.*7
Vibration resistance 10 to 150Hz 5G (IEC60068-2-6:2007)
Shock resistance 3 times 50G, 1000 times 25G (IEC60068-2-27:2008)
EMC standards (EMI)
EN55011:2009 + A1:2010
EN61000-4-3:2006 + A1:2008 + A2:2010
Protective structure IP67 (IEC60529:2001)
Insulation resistance 10MΩ
Weight Approx. 4.2kg (without connection cables)
Material Optical window : Polycarbonate, Body : Aluminum
Dimensions(W×D×H) 155mm × 166mm × 176mm (Without connector)
External dimension:MC40-03391

*1 When a heater power is not connected or OFF.
*2 This is the current consumption of only heater.
Details of heater operation is described in Specification.
*3 Indoor environment (under fluorescent lamps, 1,000 lx or less)
*4 In the high resolution mode(750rpm), the guarantee detection range is 120m.
*5 Detection cannot be guaranteed when direct light (such as sunlight) enters into the inside of the product.
*6 You must restart the sensor after changing the scan speed.
*7 Please check the influence of ambient environment on the detection accuracy using a product.

External dimension


UGM1 1594625083

Rear mounting bracket

UGM ga2 1594625083

Base mounting bracket

UGM ga3 1594625083

Cover with rear mounting bracket

UGM ga4 1594625083

Cover with base mounting bracket

UGM ga5 1594625083

I/O circuit

Input/Output Circuit


Input: Photocoupler input (Cathode/Anode common, 2mA during each input ON, 0.5 mA or below during OFF)
Output:Open-collector output

Item Specification
Maximum Output current 50mA
Maximum voltage 30V
Output residual voltage 1V or less
+COM Power supply range 24±10%V

Power supply connector

UGM ny2 1594625409

M12 4 core A-code socket (Female)

PIN No. Function Color
1 Sensor power supply
+V (24V±10%)
2 Heater power supply
3 Sensor power supply GND
-V (0V)
4 Heater power supply

Ethernet connector

UGM ny3 1594625409

M12 4 core D-code plug (Male)

PIN No. Function Color
1 TX+ Orange
2 RX+ Green
3 TX- Orange/White
4 RX- Green/White

I/O #1 connector

UGM ny4 1594625409

I/O1 : M12 8 core A-code socket (Female)

PIN No. Function I/O Color
1 Reboot IN Brown
2 IP Reset IN White
3 Synchronization input IN Orange
4 Synchronization output OUT Yellow
5 Synchronization master output OUT Green
6 NC Blue
7 +COM Purple
8 -COM Black

I/O #2 connector

UGM ny5 1594625409

I/O2 : M12 12 core A-code socket (Female)

PIN No. Function I/O Color
1 Contamination output OUT Brown
2 NC Black
3 Malfunction output OUT Red
4 Area output 1 OUT Orange
5 Area output 2 OUT Yellow
6 Area output 3 OUT Green
7 Area input 1 IN Blue
8 Area input 2 IN Purple
9 Area input 3 IN Gray
10 Area input 4 IN White
11 +COM Pink
12 -COM Light Green

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