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Microwave type not affected by vapor, disturbance light or smoke



-> This is a microwave detector. It consists of an antenna as detecting part and control unit composed of oscillator, wave detector and amplifier, and these two components are coupled together by a wave guide. Since the antenna is free from any electronic part which may be affected by heat, it can be used in high temperature environment without being cooled by water.
-> This device is suitable for using under bad environment because microwave isn’t affected by vapor, disturbance light,smoke etc.
-> This device is reflective type. It is possible to detect small pipe, too.
-> This device provides monitor output that is monitoring oscillation of microwave.



Model No.Control unit:MBX-301CA
Antenna:MAR-201(Without air-purge), MAR-251(With air-purge)
Waveguide:MWG-20(Semi-seamless 2m), MWG-25(Seamless 2m), MFG-20(Flexible 0.5m)
Joint:MSJ-20(Socket), MBJ-25(Elbow), MCJ-20(Elbow with 45°)
Detectable objectsSteel plate with reflection surface, 50×50mm or more
Detecting distanceApprox. 300mm from antenna surface
Hysteresis1mm to 30mm(Adjustable)
Microwave10.525GHz ±15MHz
Allowable waveguide length25m or less(Total of transmission and reception)
Air blowing of waveguideAir quality : Industrial clean air, Air amount : 20 lit/min., Air pressure : 980KPa(In case of MAR-251)
Power source100 to 110VAC/200 to 220VAC(±10%, 50/60Hz)
Power consumption4.5VA or less
Control outputContact : 1C relay contact(250VAC 3A, 30VDC 5A, cosφ=1)
Photo-coupler(75V 100mA)
Alarm output*11C relay Contact(250VAC 3A, 30VDC 5A, cosφ=1)
Response timeContact output : 10msec, photo-coupler output : 3msec
ConnectionM4 screw terminal, hub body with gland(Hole diameterφ18)
Display lampPower lamp, operation lamp, alarm lamp, 5-step reception level lamp*2
Ambient temperatureControl unit : -10 to +60°, Antenna/waveguide : -20 to +600°
CaseAntenna : Bronze casting, Control unit : Aluminum die-casting
WeightControl unit : approx. 10kg, Antenna : approx. 11kg

*1 When oscillation of microwave is stopped by power failure or circuit trouble, this output is executed.
*2 Reception level is indicated with 5 steps.

External dimension

External dimension


Note)Only MAR-251

Control unit

I/O circuit

I/O Circuit


Control output

Terminal No.4-55-67-8
Power-ON stateWhen non-detectionOPENCLOSEON
When detectionCLOSEOPENOFF

Alarm output(monitor output)

Terminal No.9-1010-11
Power-ON stateWhen normalOPENCLOSE
When troubledCLOSEOPEN

Characteristics Data

Characteristics Data

Detecting characteristics


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