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  • One-beam and two-beam types available, 2-Beam type lined-Up!
  • Width: 25mm, repeatability: +/-0.1mm, distance between projector and receiver 25mm and Repeatability 0.1mm!
  • Suitable for various positioning control applications with the sensor’s fast response and high repeatability


-> Protective structure IP67
-> Any adjustments are not required
-> Fast response time and high repeatability
-> In conformity with EMS directive
-> Common use for Dark-ON/Light-ON



1-beam type(Stop position)

2-beam type(Slow-down position/stop position)


Kind Through-beam type
Model No. FBX-25JC FBX-25JA FBX-25DC FBX-25DA
Power source 12 to 24VDC(+10%, -10%, Ripple 5% or less)
Current consumption 20mA or less 25mA or less 35mA or less 40mA or less
Light source Infra-red LED(880nm)
Distance between projector and receiver 25mm(1-beam) 25mm(2-beam)
Detectable objects Opaque object with φ1mm or more
Operating mode Changeover by control wire(FBX-25JC/25JA : Pink, FBX-25DC/25DA : Pink or Purple)
Light-ON : Connected to +V side(Brown),
Dark-ON : Connected to 0V side(Blue)
Control output NPN PNP NPN PNP
Allowable load voltage : 33V or less,
Allowable load current : 100mA or less, Residual(ON)
voltage : 1.0V/100mA or less, 0.5V/10mA or less
Response time 1msec or less
Repeatability ±0.1mm
Indicators Power lamp : Green LED(Lights up when power-ON),
Light-entering lamp : Orange LED(Lights up when light-entering)
Connection Cable type(2m long, 0.2mm2, 4-core vinyl cable with oil-proof and cold-proof ) Cable type(2m long, 0.2mm2, 6-core vinyl cable with oil-proof and cold-proof cable)
Ambient illuminance Sun light : 10,000lx or less, Incandescent lamp : 5,000lx or less
Ambient temperature/humidity -25 degrees C to +55 degrees C(-30 to 70 degrees C when stored), 45 to 85%RH(Not icing)
Vibration resistance Double amplitude 1.5mm, 10 to 55Hz, Each 2 hour in X, Y and Z directions
Impact resistance 500m/s2, Each 3 time in X, Y and Z directions
Protective structure IP67(IEC standard)
Case material Polycarbonate
Weight Approx. 60g Approx. 65g

External dimension

I/O circuit

I/O Circuit

NPN output type

Operating mode changeover
(Pink, but pink/purple in case of 2-beam type)* Provided to 2-beam type only

PNP output type

1. Output transistor ON when light-entering(connected to +V side)
2. Output transistor ON when light-interruption(connected to 0V side)


* Provided to 2-beam type only

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