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Xe nâng được sử dụng với mục đích lâu dài, nhằm đạt hiệu quả cao nhất cho công việc và vận hành an toàn hơn. QuaPro-B đáp ứng tốt nhiều mong đợi của khách hàng.

Vận hàng lâu hơn:

  • Thời gian vận hành lâu dài
  • Âm thanh vận hành máy, ổn định và nhẹ nhàng​

​​An toàn hơn:

  • Khóa đai an toàn
  • Khóa vận hành
  • Khóa nâng hạ
  • Chuông cảnh báo nguy hiểm.
Photo Quaprob
Xe nâng điện Sumitomo Nacco QuaPro-B

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Operable LongerLong Time Long Life

Pursued energy saving by reviewing the conventional machine from the bases.

Responded to customers’ desire for “long operable time” “long life” like a battery-driven vehicle inescapable from the recharging work.

This forklift is friendly to the global environment trying to bring energy-saving and high operable capacity.

Extended 2 hours of operable time range

* Compared with our conventional machine: When the new model is in the operation of ECO mode.

Extended the battery life by 17 percent

* Compared with our conventional machine.

Extended Operable Time Range
Through containing the power consumption, materialized the additional an hour operable time range a compared with the conventional model of our own. You could operate a little more additional operation. Also, achieved a maximum of 9.5 hours of operable time range when activating the ECO mode.
img longlife1
The Extension of the Battery Life Span
The new QuaPro-B materialized 17% extension of the battery lifespan compared with the conventional example. For a user who usually operates a battery driven-forklift for 6 years cycle, our product lifespan is equivalent to 7 years.

Right: The Frequency of the Charge and Discharge when Operated 7.5 Hours.*

* The index of predicting the battery life by setting a cycle for the full charge to discharge 75%.

img longlife2
The Reduction of CO2 Emissions
Realized the reduction of CO2 emission for 210kg per year in comparison with our conventional model by reducing power consumption.
img longlife4
ECO mode
Please try ECO mode when you need to operate longer hours. Only one push of the button materializes maximum 9.5 hours of the operation. Staying in loading/unloading capacity, as usual, the stress-free ECO mode works for the operation preventing abrupt acceleration and speed.

Sound Nature of the MachineStability & Smooth

We Treasure Users’ Cargos

QuaPro-B, equipped with the 4 functions, makes stable running and sound Loading/unloading operation possible.

  • STC (Safety Turn Control) *1
  • Semi High-Mount Trail
  • Drop Battery Box Concept
  • Long Wheel Base

We believe the stability as if the machine sticks to the ground, is excellent fundamental performance leads to the highly efficient site.

photo stability
STC (Safety Turn Control)
The Safety Turn Control (STC) is the new mechanism equipping QuaPro-B that automatically controls the speed of turning. The system could control both the turning speed and torque when the machine is in turning responding to the vehicle’s speed and the angle of the tires. Also, the system minimizes the cargo-swerve possible to 1/4 of the conventional models’. (According to our firm’s official test).

STC contains excessive acceleration when the vehicle is in the operation of turning or the slalom. It also benefits the shipping area in many ways by improving workers’ safety and efficiency.

STC (Safety Turn Control)

With the New QuaPro-B, the cargo hardly comes to loose

With a conventional model, the cargo tends to come to loose

*1. STC supports to drive for control of the turning speed. Please be careful that STC does not work at tuning by high speed or abrupt operation which falls in a dangerous situation such as overturning or cargo falling. Please make suet to keep safety operation.
Semi High Mount Trail
Equipped with a new type Semi High Mount Trail, being laid out so as to have the rocking center and vehicle’s center of gravity about 50mm closer than a conventional model. The system limits the vehicle’s rocking motion to a lesser possible extent when the trail rocks respond to an uneven ground surface. (* 50mm: the ratio compared with the conventional model.)
Semi High Mount Trail
Long Wheel Base
The wheelbase is 30mm extended longer than a conventional model. It contributes to stable running.
Drop Battery Box Concept
Lower gravity center is achieved by placing the heavy battery underneath the vehicle as low as possible.

More SafeSafety

For Safety of the Logistic Site

QuaPro-B could secure not only the safety of the operator but also could be equipped with the system that makes all workers of the location could feel being secure.

We are ready to offer many kinds of safety options to achieve a secured working environment.

More Safe

Safety Option

  1.  Seat Belt Interlock Option

    img safety feature01

    When the seat belt is left unfastened, all loading/unloading work gets malfunctioned. The function would help to make fastening the seat belt a mandatory behavior.

  2.  The Warning Sound of the Parking Brake Option

    img safety feature02

    When the operator turns off the key and leaves the seat without putting the parking brake on, the warning sound is set off.

  3.  Blue Mark Option

    img safety feature03

    The blue LED light forestalls the operator on the closing of another forklift.

  4.  The Rear Assist Grip with the Horn Button Option

    img safety feature04

    The operator could sound the horn safely even when backing the vehicle without handing off the steering handle and the grip.

  5.  Reflection Label Option

    img safety feature05

    The yellow line could be changed to the reflector label. The label raises the safety performance up in a stylish manner.


img safety

The Device Locking the travel as the Operator Leaves the Vehicle


photo safet1
The Traveling interlock device automatically shuts off the running engine when the operator leaves the seat. Preventing a human error from happening, such as the operator accidentally steps on the accelerator.

(Note: Does not mean the mechanical brake is automatically on. Suggesting to use the parking brake when to park the vehicle.)

The Device to Lock the Loading Move when the Operator Leaves the Seat
Load handling Interlock
photo safet2
Many accidents, as a matter of fact, being got caught in between the mast and the head guard happen when an operator stretches his/her body through the mast. The device prevents a human error from happening when the operator is not in the correct operating position by killing the loading lever function.

Beep! the sound is to warn the dangerous [abrupt] operation.

The Alert of Dangerious Operation

The device tells the operator that the operation is dangerous with buzzing sound, of abrupt “acceleration,” “deceleration,” “turning” while the machine is at the work. (the sensitivity can be adjustable.)

It is available to set the sensitivity individually for abrupt “acceleration/deceleration” and “turning.”

photo driving

Compact Type

The Compact Specifications that Materialize One Step Higher Performance for its Smaller Size.

The machine with compact specifications demonstrates one step higher performance as the size of the vehicle stays rather small.

The product embodies no-stress loading/unloading work as it agilely works even in tight space. The forklift responds to the users’ needs “though would like to carry a heavier load but wouldn’t like to have a larger machine.”

photo compact1
photo compact2
With the 1t series vehicle size, materializes the work equivalent to a 2t machine. Compared with the standard 2t forklift (8FB20PXIII), the compact one(8FB20PSXIII) has:

  • Overall Length:-130mm (with fork)
  • Overall Width:-40mm
  • Minimum turning radius:-80mm

* Truck with Simplex Mast 4,500mm

photo compact3
With the 3t series vehicle size, materialized the work equivalent to the 3.5t machine. Compared with the conventional compact 3.5t one (8FB35PZX):

  • Overall Length:-225mm (with fork)
  • Overall Width:-140mm
  • Minimum turning radius:-315mm

* Truck with Simplex Mast 4,500mm

Battery Side Removal

The specifications of the side removal battery suits for longer time use.

The system shortens the time of battery change. It is applicable to the site of longer time or full-day use.

The body chassis is the as same size as the standard product. A compact model is also available.

photo battery

Three Steps of battery change side-way draw

Step 1.Step 2 (A to D).Step 3.

1. After turning off the power, open the hood by pulling up the battery connector (the red hook).

2. Pulling out the battery used up for another forklift, and to insert a charged battery.

3. To connect the connector and to close the lid.


Acrylic cover
The acrylic cover protects the operator from the rain and tiny falling objects while having good visibility of the upper view.
The wider brake pedal makes it possible to easily find the position best fit to an operator’s preference, to load and unload that needs sensitive brake manipulation with no stress.


photo interior1
Equipped as the standard with the hour meter (power on / running time) and the system limiting the speed. The display clearly indicates the condition of the vehicle not only ECO mode and the power mode but also the warning of an emergency.
photo interior2
Shorter Radius Steering
By offsetting the steering handle to the left-hand side, the room for steering hand move gets smaller. By arranging so, materialized the agile operation and reducing fatigue factors according to the human engineering.
photo interior3
Shift Lever
Equipped as standard with: the shift lever at right hand side, the turn signal lever with the light switch (with auto-canceling system at left hand side. The smooth change of forward and backward can be done. (can be changed to left hand side shift lever[shown on the left] )
photo interior4
The Parking Lever
The parking lever with the releasing button. The easy braking action is available with the shorter stroke brake. The extent of the pulling stroke can be adjusted by turning the knob.
photo model


  • 1.5ton
  • 1.75ton
  • 2.0ton (compact)
  • 2.0ton
  • 2.5ton
  • 3.0ton
  • 3.5ton (compact)

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